What Experts Say About Us

Dirk Schadendorf
I wish your great concerns to provide a common platform for education, scientific exchange and research which will attract the best researchers and clinicians in order to advance the field of diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
Dirk Schadendorf
Department of Dermatology,
University Hospital Essen, Essen, Germany.
Boris Bastian
I wish you success in building a suite of respectable journals, which disseminate high quality clinical and basic research results to improve proficient core. I hope you can establish a regional and fair review process to select the best original scholars and make them available to a whole community of readers.
Boris Bastian
Departments of Dermatology and Pathology,
Cardiovascular Research Institute,
University of California, San Francisco, USA
Giorgos Karakousis
You are doing a fantastic job on your journal. The special issue on systemic treatment of Cutaneous and Mucosal Melanoma is very scientific and contains very nice articles on the current complex with advanced melanoma. Keep up all your great work.
Giorgos Karakousis
Department of Surgery,
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine,
Philadelphia, USA
Sanjiv S. Agarwala
I am very happy to collaborate on special issue on melanoma with CCO journal.
Sanjiv S. Agarwala, MD
Professor of Medicine,
Temple University School of Medicine;
Chief of Medical Oncology,
St. Luke’s Hospital & Health Network,
Bethlehem, Philadelphia, USA
Hak Soo Choi
QIMS is an exceptional journal that has a proven citation record of high quality products in the field of Bioimaging and Surgical Imaging. Its contributions already recognized around the world, and since the journal’s focus is to the clinical translation, I suspect that the impact of this journal will be further multiplied.
Hak Soo Choi, PhD
Associate Professor,
Harvard Medical School, USA
Kenji Suzuki
The quality of the QIMS is outstanding in that it publishes important, timely review articles and high- quality research articles on critical and emerging topics in quantitative imaging.
Kenji Suzuki, PhD
Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
Medical Imaging Research Center,
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
Pritzker Institute of Biomedical Science and Engineering,
Illinois Institute of Technology, USA