What Experts Say About Us

Xin Yu
The manuscripts published on QIMS are extremely important for the advancement of the field of medical imaging and surgery. Its unique translational approach has been adopted by many other journals, with the purpose of bridging the gap between basic and clinical research.
Xin Yu, ScD
Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Radiology, Physiology and Biophysics,
Case Western Reserve University, USA
Yicheng Ni
I have enjoyed reviewing many high quality manuscripts submitted to this journal, many of which are original and innovative, comparable to those published in some well-established journals in our field.
Yicheng Ni, MD, PhD
Full professor, Bayer Lecture Chair,
Radiology, University Hospital, KU Leuven,
Head of Theragnostic Laboratory,
Department of Imaging and Pathology,
Faculty of Medicine, KU Leuven, Belgium
Zhonghua Sun
QIMS is one of the few influential journals dedicated to imaging science in East Asia focusing on quantitative imaging research. Meanwhile, the international diversity of the authorship enables readers to look at quantitative medical images from a world perspective.
Zhonghua Sun, PhD
Professor of Medical Imaging,
Curtin University, Australia
Aad van der Lugt
Most articles published in QIMS have a significant impact on validation of (molecular) imaging biomarkers.
Aad van der Lugt, MD, PhD
Professor Neuroradiaologie, Department of Radiology,
Erasmus MC, The Netherlands
Lei Xing
The quality of the journal is outstanding and its format is unique. I am convinced that QIMS will continue doing well and will become one of the leading points of reference in medical imaging.
Lei Xing
Jacob Haimson Professor & Director of Radiation Physics Division,
Department of Radiation Oncology,
Stanford University, USA
Benjamin Ping-Chi Chen
I had the opportunity to serve as the guest editor for June 2013 edition of Translational Cancer Research devoted to “DNA Damage and Repair” mechanisms and their clinical implications…The general quality of the journal is outstanding with many reviews and research articles focused on critical and emerging topics in cancer research.
Benjamin Ping-Chi Chen, PhD
Associate Professor, Division of Molecular Radiation Biology,
Department of Radiation Oncology,
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center,
Dallas, TX, USA