Ignite the Flame of Knowledge

A variety of academic platforms that expedite international collaborations, so as to step out of conventional research publishing approaches.

AME Academic Collaborative Group (AACG)

Initiated by AME and a group of world-leading medical specialists, AACG coordinates transnational academic cooperation in terms of scientific research, evidence-based medicine, surgical innovations and continuous medical education across a broad spectrum of medicine, such as lung cancer, respiratory medicine, colorectal cancer, liver disease and critical care.

The AACG Group consists of a number of organized divisions with specific focus and experience in various aspects of medical research. These include different areas of research excellence: AME Thoracic Surgery Cooperative Group, AME Cardiac Surgery Cooperative Group, AME Gastrointestinal Surgery Cooperative Group, AME Lung Cancer Cooperative Group, and AME Critical care Cooperative Group, etc.

These divisions encapsulate a holistic, evidence-driven, and patient-focused approach towards research that is synonymous with the AACG Group. Synergistic collaborations with Chinese and international research networks solidify the significance of the AACG Group on the global stage.

International Cooperation
  1. Cooperation with the Asia Thoracoscopic Surgery Education Program
  2. Partnership with Italian Society of Thoracic Surgery (SICT)
  3. Joint organization of the AATS Focus 2018
  4. Cooperation with Chinese Research Hospital Association
  5. Cooperation with Department of Thoracic Surgery, Campus Charité Mitte (CCM) (become a member of AACG)
  6. Cooperation with the World Society of Emergency Surgery
  7. Collaboration between AME Publishing Company and Taiwan Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (TASTRO)
  8. Cooperation with Taiwan Society of Engineering Technology and Practical Medicine to establish Health Technology